July 3, 2024, Toronto – Geneseeq Technology Inc. announced this week its partnership with Jiangsu Vcare PharmaTech to develop a companion diagnostic (CDx) kit and advance the product launch of Vcare’s pan-neurotrophic tyrosine receptor kinase (NTRK) inhibitor VC004 in China.

VC004 is a highly selective next-generation NTRK inhibitor developed to overcome acquired resistance to first-generation NTRK inhibitors in NTRK fusion-positive cancers. VC004 has shown excellent in vitro and in vivo activities, a manageable safety profile and promising efficacy. Currently, there are no commercially available next-generation NTRK inhibitors in China. The introduction of VC004 is poised to fill this significant gap in the market, offering a novel treatment option for patients.

Dr. Xiaonan Wang, Co-founder and CTO of Geneseeq, stated, “Through this deep strategic collaboration, we aim to accelerate the development and clinical application of innovative drugs in China. Our commitment is to provide patients with more treatment options, leading to greater survival benefits.”