April 11, 2023-Geneseeq Technology Inc. is happy to share 13 collaborated studies at the 2023 American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) annual meeting from April.14th-19th in Orlando onsite and virtually.

Highlights of these studies include:

  • Data on Geneseeq’s new algorithms based on cfDNA fragmentomics features to predict the outcomes of prostate cancer patients as well as to detect lung cancer brain metastases, pulmonary malignancy, and disease progression.
  • Two large cohort studies unraveled the landscape of pathogenic/likely pathogenic germline alterations at pan-cancer scale and lung cancer scale.
  • Multi-omics analysis of rare cancer populations including fetal adenocarcinoma of the lung and acral melanoma.

List of abstracts that will be presented at the AACR 2023 meeting:

Poster ID Title
23-A-2906-AACR Comprehensive profiling of pathogenic/likely pathogenic large genomic rearrangements in pan cancer samples
23-A-2887-AACR Mutational pattern of SWI/SNF pathway genes in lung adenocarcinoma patients reveal uneven correlation with immunotherapy sensitivity
23-A-334-AACR Genomic features, evolutionary patterns, and minimal residual disease at surgical margins as novel prognostic/predictive biomarkers in locally advanced rectal cancer
23-A-1481-AACR Multi-omics analysis of molecular landscape and heterogeneity in fetal adenocarcinoma of the lung
23-A-329-AACR Early diagnosis of brain metastases using cerebrospinal fluid cell-free DNA-based breakpoint motif and mutational features in lung cancer
23-A-1499-AACR Detecting pulmonary malignancy against benign nodules using non-invasive cfDNA fragmentomics assay
23-A-1929-AACR Predicting Disease Progression in Inoperable Localized NSCLC Patients Using cfDNA Fragmentomics Assay
23-A-2309-AACR Comprehensive characterization of FBXW7 mutational and clinicopathological profiles in human colorectal cancers
23-A-3097-AACR Neomer and fragmentation profiles of cell-free DNA with low-pass whole genome sequencing to predict prostate cancer biopsy outcomes
23-A-2960-AACR Characterizing pathogenic germline variants in a large Chinese lung cancer cohort
23-A-5601-AACR Prognostic value of genetic aberrations and tumor immune microenvironment in primary acral melanoma
23-A-4288-AACR Comprehensive characterization of MET exon 14 skipping mutations in non-small cell lung cancer
23-A-4248-AACR Genomic characterization of PMBCL, cHL and DLBCL utilizing tissue and liquid biopsies