Bella Li, B. Sc

Associate Director, Business Development

Bella Li is the Associate Director of Business Development at Geneseeq Canada. She directs the company’s North American and international go-to-market strategy, and ensures the growth strategies are met in parallel. While identifying business opportunities and developing external partnerships, Bella oversees the marketing communication efforts to expand Geneseeq’s footprint. Working cross-functionally with other departments, she establishes alignment of company’s strategic goals. Her background in science and experience in healthcare provides her with breadth and depth in understanding market needs.

Bella obtained her B.Sc in Biology, specializing in Biotechnology from the University of Waterloo. With a passion for literature and communications, she pursued a minor in English Literature and spent summers working at law offices, advertising agencies, and digital communication start-ups during her studies. With a mission to deliver scientific research outcomes to the market promptly and effectively, she worked in business development in healthcare, developing and managing relationships in both public and private sectors; she was able to onboard unique partnerships and solve intricate problems. She led the development of the first platform to connect participants to clinical trials for COVID-19 in Canada.