Xiaoling (Sally) Tong, MD, MSc

Senior Manager

Dr. Sally Tong is the senior manager at Geneseeq Canada. She is a project contact for a variety of partners ranging from research institutes to biopharma. She deals with contracting, providing technical support and consultations on NGS, cancer-related gene mutations and data analysis. Dr. Tong’s background as an MD is an edge that grants her unique insights into research projects, especially ones involving cancer diagnosis and therapeutics. Her background in clinical diagnosis and other clinical practices has provided a more holistic perspective to her work.

Dr. Tong obtained her MD in China and her Master’s in Physiology and Pharmacology at Western University. She joined Geneseeq in 2015 as a research assistant in Geneseeq’s R&D Department. She then expanded her responsibilities to include laboratory and project management. Dr. Tong has 5 years of experience in genetic and clinical data analysis for research and commercial projects. She is responsible for investigating complex and large population data using R and Python, including performing statistical analyses and data visualization. She has published multiple scientific papers in Journal of Thoracic Oncology, Clinical Cancer Research, Theranostics and Scientific Reports, among others.