Xiangyuan (Squall) Ma, MSc

Senior Manager, Quality Assurance

Xiangyuan (Squall) Ma is the Senior Manager in the QA Department at Geneseeq Canada. He is actively involved in quality assurance, by ensuring that Geneseeq provides consistent clinical testing standards. When Xiangyuan joined Geneseeq in 2015, he put his background of wet-bench experimental work and bioinformatics into good use – participating in the development of a handful of clinical assay systems and several clinical pipeline modules. He has made valuable contributions in establishing and maintaining the company’s QA program and accreditations for clinical tests.

Xiangyuan began his training as a molecular geneticist at the University of Toronto, where he first gained exposure to high-throughput screening and data analysis while working on cancer metabolism. He then set out to build a full skillset as a bioinformatician, after realizing that his laboratory skills and knowledge in cancer biology alone were insufficient to handle the amount of data generated by next-generation sequencing. Xiangyuan’s hobby includes model building (both statistical and plastic).