Dr. Xue Wu

President & CEO (Canada)

Dr. Xue Wu joined Geneseeq Technology Inc. in 2014 as the Director of Research & Development, bringing more than 10 years of expertise in genomics, oncology and translational medicine to the company. As the leader of Geneseeq’s R&D team, she provided strategic direction and oversight focusing on diagnostic technology and product development, pipeline optimization and translational research in the field of cancer. In 2018, She was promoted to the President & CEO of Geneseeq Canada, and continued to lead the company in its next stage of growth.

Dr. Wu holds a PhD in Cell and Molecular biology from University of Toronto, and a MSc in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology from Dalhousie University. Her postdoctoral training focused on cancer epigenetics and functional genomics at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, Canada. She is an active member of AACR and ASCO, and has published numerous scientific papers in peer reviewed international journals, including Cell, Nature Genetics, Journal of Clinical Investigation, Journal of Thoracic Oncology, Gut, Clinical Cancer Research and Nature Communications.