Precision Medicine


Our goal is to better patients’ lives with our innovative precision medicine technologies. We work closely with you to solve your specific needs, with a relentless focus on quality and efficiency. We believe breakthroughs that improve patient outcomes are achieved through collaboration, and successful partnerships are based on inclusiveness, transparency and openness. Let’s make it happen, together. 

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Accelerate precision cancer care, together

We are keen to help accelerate your therapy development for precision medicine from novel biomarker discovery to successful clinical trials. Through our accurate tests, exclusive cancer genomic database, extensive network of physicians, hospitals and researchers, we  facilitate  biopharmaceutical companies to  improve  patient outcomes faster. 

What we offer

  • Collaboration on biomarker discovery in prospective and retrospective clinical samples using our comprehensive genomic tests and our technical expertise in analyzing cancer genomic data   
  • Facilitation in trial design and optimization  
  • Assistance in connecting and confirming patients with unique genomic biomarkers to your clinical trials as a referral or central laboratory to accelerate your patient enrollment process 
  • Support in companion diagnostic (CDx) testing development for the commercial launch of your drug 


A strong partner to drive your research forward

Our company is built on a strong foundation of research, deep scientific expertise and active R&D. We partner with research institutions and professionals to help them excel in basic, translational and clinical research. We streamline and generate high-quality genomic data to advance our understanding of cancer and to develop better therapies.


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